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Round 3 from A-Kon 24. Seriously I see no end to these photos! Sooo many.

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1. Cosplay by Satan-chan.

2. Cosplay by Rinkara.

3. So the second I found out that SEC - C Cosplay had done a Gankutsuou cosplay and I had missed it, I started screaming at my computer and begging them to shoot with me the next time they wore these beautiful costumes. Gankutsuou is probably my favorite anime: the colors, the movement, the story. I love it. We almost weren’t able to meet up to shoot at A-kon but I saw SEC - C Cosplay in the hall waiting for something and pretty much begged them to take a few minutes and let me take some pictures. They may not have been what I planned and I would still jump at the chance to shoot with them again (especially in these outfits ;D) but I think they came out nicely. Thank you ladies for shooting with me and congrats on your winning the cosplay contest!!

Cosplays by SEC - C Cosplay.

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